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Enrollment is evoking a possibility in someone so that they take action towards their vision. Take a look at the weekly numbers and our other enrollment resources.

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NOW AVAILABLE! What are the possibilities for extraordinary results now that you have completed the trainings? Click here to find a coach that is perfect for you.


Calendar of Events will support you as you schedule your exciting life and plan for the future. We have listed all trainings, staff groundings and other public events here.


Are you looking to connect with someone in the community? Click here to search for graduates or see a list of Gratitude Office Staff.

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We have so many ways you can choose to be in service to the work of transformation. Click Here to find out about door guarding, staffing, volunteer hours and more!


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"Gratitude Training will be available in 300 cities...the immediate goal is to grow 50% every year having a total of 20 centers by the end of 2020." ~Jo Englesson Click Here

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We offer FREE Grad Workshops to all graduates. Attending these is a great way to stay connected.  To register for upcoming workshops or to apply to be a speaker, click here.

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If you are currently in ML, click here to find information that will support you on your journey.

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To awaken the planet, maximize joy and actualize peace.

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